Running Group Hypnotherapy sessions is something that I see becoming an increasingly important part of what I offer.  I'm keen to work with as many people as I can.  However, working one to one means there is a limit to what I am able to do.  I'm also aware that not everyone who would like to access my services are able to do so.

To overcome this, from time to time I will be running group Hypnotherapy sessions, either in person in Milton Keynes or online via Zoom.

What does a group Hypnotherapy session cover?

Group Hypnotherapy sessions allow us to explore many themes ranging from anxiety and stress release through to relaxation and confidence.  Most issues can be addressed by Hypnotherapy and NLP, and it may be possible to cover other areas where there is demand.

Group hypnotherapy sessions provide an opportunity to switch off, unwind and enjoy a deeply relaxing, restorative and rejuvenating experience.

Our daily lives are often so busy that we forget to be still and to simply breathe consciously and deeply. Group Hypnotherapy sessions will allow you to release stress, tension and anxiety from your body and mind.

These sessions will run as a series of six sessions and you'll be able to book to attend all sessions, which I would highly recomend, or you can join part way through a series.

During these sessions, I'll share valuable techniques with you that you'll be able to take away and use whenever you need a moment of calm.

Booking on to a group session

Group sessions will run in Milton Keynes and remotely via Zoom, allowing me to reach an even broader audience.

Sessions can be booked via Event Bright, and I'll share the booking links on the website, Facebook and Instagram, when a new series is available.

Each session will cost just £10.00 for a one hour session and payment will need to be made in advance.

Prior to attending a group session, you will need to complete a questionnaire and return this at least 48 hours before the event.  There are a small number of reasons why Hypnotherapy may not be suitable for you.  This is extremely rare, but in the very unlikely event this should happen, I will of course arrange an immediate refund.

Ready to find out more?

If you would like to know more about group sessions, please get in touch. There is no obligation, and the call will help me find out more about you and the issues you are experiencing. It gives us an opportunity to talk through any concerns and to answer any questions you may have.

If You're ready to book the 'book now' tab will take you to available group session bookings via Event Bright.

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