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What Is Hypnotherapy?

Hypnotherapy is probably best described as a trance-like mental state where you experience enhanced attention, concentration, and suggestibility.

What you may not realise is that Hypnotic trance is a natural and regularly occurring state of mind. We all enter this state of consciousness on a daily basis when our brainwave activity slows down as we drift into sleep and again when we first start waking.

Have you ever experienced that strange sensation of a long motorway drive where you don’t remember large chunks of the journey – maybe you’ve driven past multiple exits without realising?  This is a great example of a time when you’ve entered a trance state and driven on automatic pilot.

The same is true when you read a really good book or watch a gripping film.  You become transfixed and absorbed by the plot, the action and the emotions as though you are experiencing them first hand.  Once again you have entered this heightened trance state.

It is exactly this state that is referred to as hypnosis.  You are completely aware of what is happening and for most people it is a deeply relaxing and enjoyable state of mind to be in.

A common misconception with Hypnosis is that you, as the client, loose control of what is happening.  And often, in stage Hypnosis, this is what is portrayed.  In fact, in Clinical Hypnotherapy the opposite is true.  You always remain in control.  The Hypnotherapist is never in control and cannot make you do anything against your will.

When we are in a state of Hypnosis, three things change.  Everything else about our experience remains consistent:

  • We have highly focused concentration without the distraction of our reasoning conscious mind.
  • Every muscle will be relaxed.
  • We may experience heightened sensitivity in our hearing touch and smell.

Who can be hypnotised?

The great news is that anybody can be hypnotised – if they choose to be.  For a successful Hypnotherapy session, it’s important to remove any anxieties, such as a fear of not being in control of your mind and you should discuss this with your Hypnotherapist if you have any concerns.

Am I in control?

In short – yes!  When we induce a trance state, the Hypnotherapist acts merely as a guide – the real work is done by you on the inside. The Hypnotherapist cannot make you act against your own will.

How will I know if I am in a Hypnotic State?

Some clients will enter a very light state of trance. In these cases, you might still be aware of sounds and experiences around you.  But rest assured this light trance is all that is needed to achieve positive change. Other clients may enter a much deeper state of trance, known as a somnambulistic state.

How Does Hypnosis Work?

Most of the problems that affect us rest within our unconscious mind.  It is difficult to make change in the unconscious mind purely through conscious effort alone.

The conscious part of our mind is the rational part.  It’s what we engage with for the most part and it is able to process around seven pieces of information simultaneously.

The unconscious mind could be thought of as a huge, unlimited warehouse, storing every experience and memory through our life.  These memories and experiences are like programmes that continue to run over and over again automatically.  Some are helpful and positive, but many may not be.

These programmes may have been created in childhood through to the present day and represent our life experiences, everything we have learned and experiences from other people, such as family, teachers, friends and many others. As a result, these programmes can lead us to believe we are in some way limited and that things can never change.

Why Hypnosis?

If most of our issues reside in the unconscious mind, the solution is to work at this level – to get directly to the root of the problem.  In this way Hypnosis is a powerful tool, making real and lasting change in dealing with negative beliefs at the subconscious level, replacing negative behaviours with positive behaviours that better serve you, creating rapid transformational change that will support you in achieving your goals.

How can Hypnotherapy help you?

If you have had enough of anxiety, negative thinking and constant worries about the past stopping you from moving forward I strongly urge you to try Hypnosis.  If you wish to stop smoking, lose weight or overcome your fears and phobias or manage your stress levels, Hypnotherapy will be beneficial to you.

Many people experience Hypnotherapy every day and enjoy the benefits.  They learn to relax, develop renewed focus and clarity of mind, and enjoy improved self-confidence and self-belief that helps to propel them forward in life.

Transformational coaching and Hypnotherapy

All of my client packages will include hypnotherapy, simply because it is such a fast and powerful way of achieving the positive transformational experience my clients are looking for.  When combined with other approaches, including neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) and transformational Life Coaching, the results are very positive.

Hypnotherapy is a relaxing and enjoyably way to achieve the change you are looking for.  If you’d like to know more, or to find out how Hypnotherapy could benefit you, get in touch.  I offer a free, no obligation 30 minute consultation that will help you decide if Hypnotherapy is right for you.

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