Inspiring others through inspirational actions

10 Tips to Help Inspire Others

Recently, I saw perhaps the most inspiring post I think I’ve ever seen on a social media feed.  And it really got me thinking about the value and importance of inspiring others. 

 Have you had the pleasure of inspiring another person to take a positive step toward a better life, overcome a challenge or maybe progress in their career? Or maybe you’ve inspired your kids?

There are some simple things we can do to help inspire those around us, so I’ve listed 10 ideas in this post that you may want to consider.

Show that you care

This is the place to start.  If we want those around you to be confident and ready to try new and different things, to be inspired, simply make sure they know you care.  Small acts of kindness go further than you might realise.

Show some joy and enthusiasm

Be open with your enthusiasm with whoever you are with. Whether family, colleagues, or friends.   Your smile, warmth, positive energy, body language and caring concern will be reflected back at you – joy and enthusiasm are contagious. When you give out positive energy, you invite others to do the same.

Look out for the positives

It’s easy to pinpoint the issues.  That doesn’t make it right or especially helpful.  We don’t thrive on criticism, so look out for the positives and highlight them.

Share your flaws

We all have them.  So share them, be honest – you’ll become instantly more relatable.

Build up those around you

Give compliments, be positive about the things the people around you are doing, encourage them to keep going, focus on the good things they’ve accomplished or are working toward, no matter how small they may seem to you.  You’ll make a huge difference to their day and help build their confidence and self-esteem.

Hold your boundaries and stand your ground

Hold your inner strength and stand for what you believe.  Show those around you that, even in the trickiest of situations you can stand tall, stay positive and overcome the most challenging of situations.

Be honest about your own flaws

None of us are perfect, its part of being human.  Being human and being honest about our weaknesses and short comings makes us more relatable.

 Be cool and calm

How you react to criticism speaks highly about your ability to inspire others.  No matter what you’re dealing with, stay calm and cool.  You’ll feel better and stronger and that’ll rub off on others.

Perhaps the most important: Listen actively

Anyone can hear the words uttered by another.  But that’s not always enough.  Sometimes you need to really listen, really comprehend the words and the meaning behind them.  When they’re ready, ask questions, but not until they’re ready. And always make eye contact.

 And finally…some general ‘top tips’

 Take small steps and do what feels natural and right to you

  • Pay attention to your thoughts and focus on the positives. Consider how what you share with others will help to build them up
  • And finally, recognise your own achievements and reflect those good feelings

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