My phobia of flying has impacted not just my life but also the lives of my family, and after 6 years of not even considering planning a family holiday, I decided it was time to find some help. Finally, this year, after discovering Matt Young Coaching, I boarded an aircraft to Spain and made some unforgettable memories! It was simple to talk to Matt about my anxieties because he genuinely listened and didn't judge or make my fear seem irrational. I then had a single 3-hour hypnosis session with him, during which he instilled in me a deep sense of serenity and relaxation, and I felt like I was gaining control over my anxieties and thoughts. My anxiety used to start in the weeks leading up to flying, but this time I didn't have those feelings, which was weird but good, and then on the flight itself, I was able to keep my mind active and, when it wandered due to a bump or a noise, I was able to think happy thoughts. This is a huge step forward for me, and while I can't say my fear has completely vanished, I can say I'm a lot more comfortable flying. I'm now counting down the days till my next holiday! Thank you, Matt ☺️

Michelle C


Matt was absolutely brilliant!  I did a rapid breakthrough session to resolve a long standing phobia. Matt was so patient and if I didn't understand something he would be more than happy to explain further and give me prompts to ensure I got the most from my time with him.

Matt has an extremely calming voice and as a result I was able to relax in to the experience really quickly and easily.  As someone who doesn't easily relax, this was really important to me.

My phobia is now resolved and I plan to have another session with Matt before I start University in September.

Kate H


I began my coaching journey with Matt shortly after a recent promotion at work. My new role was a huge challenge, right in the middle of the pandemic. I had “imposter syndrome” fear and working at home made that feel harder to overcome. Matt’s coaching helped me ask myself the right questions, face into and break down the barriers I create for myself and set myself realistic short and long term goals. A year later and I have had an amazing year at work, I’m happier in myself, not because of a new found confidence as such but an acceptance that I am enough and an appreciation of the value I add which is so important to me.

I have techniques to continue to overcome those moments of self doubt. I really enjoyed my sessions with Matt, they helped me in the long term as the tools and techniques learned you keep with you on your onward journey

Viki H


Matt is an absolute natural at coaching. He helped me recently with my confidence. He truly listened to me, understood my issues, and the techniques he chose and the way he used them were so effective. I would recommend him to anyone who is seeking a life coach, but especially with confidence.



I have had three sessions with Matt so far and after every single one I have felt experienced a positive transformation in my mindset. Matt is highly knowledgeable in what he does and really made me feel comfortable.

Misha P


I worked with Matt on a rapid breakthrough session to overcome a fear of heights.  There are a number of things I would like to do and this fear has been holding me back. I was a little nervous about the hypnotherapy, because of the unknown, but I needn’t have worried.  Matt is a professional through & through.

Matt had done his research and prepared in advance and knew what he was focusing on.  He made me feel so comfortable and relaxed.  I’ve never felt this relaxed and calm before.

The session was amazing & I’m already looking forward to new future adventures.
Thank you so much for helping me!

Michael R

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